Aesthetic stylistic variety in the works of calligrapher Khudair alBour Saidi

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Athmar Hameed Karim


The study was concerned with the aesthetics achieved by aesthetic stylistic variety in the works of calligrapher Messad Khudair al-Bour Saidi (1), a contemporary calligrapher who showed an interesting visual thrill.
The research consists of four chapters, the first of which is the systematic framework in which the problem of study was determined by the following question: What is the aesthetic stylistic variety in the achievements of calligrapher Messad Khudair Al-Bour Saidi, and the goal comes to answer the question by revealing and identifying the various aesthetic representations of his works.
The second chapter has three investigations, the first of which is the head of the subject of style and style and variety, while the second topic dealt with the study of the aesthetic philosophy of the Arabic calligraphy, and the third topic came explaining the organizational foundations of the art of Arabic calligraphy linguistically along with the biography of the calligrapher Khudhair.
The third chapter is the research procedures in which the researcher chose the methodology of analytical description as an appropriate methodology for analyzing sample models that were chosen intentionally from the original society of the study and according to appropriate research justifications and to complement the results of the study, the researcher reached a set of results directly related to the title of the study and its goal: the stylistic variety in the art of Arabic calligraphy achieves a different aesthetic product and visual excitement.
Chapter four also included some recommendations as well as proposals that could be subsequent studies of other researchers, and then concluded the study with a list of sources and references that have been adopted.

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