The Colorful Of Festivals

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Rui Hou , Boontan Chettasurat , Suchat Sukna


This visual arts creation thesis, The Colorful of Festivals, consisted of two purposes, which were 1) to study the Western brutalist painting method to study the expression of color. 2) to create the visual arts, to combine the Oriental color and composition in my work creation to express the visual art painting through thick lines, strong color contrast, and abstract festival elements to convey Chinese culture and happy festivals. The operation of this creation is mainly to collect field data, literature data, and the influence of creative work. The data analysis is carried out from the aspects of the theme, style, line, color, and festival activities to meet the concept of the work.

Simplified forms of modeling and color expression. The picture’s composition is purer, the picture elements are more expressive, and colors are used to express feelings and atmosphere in the form of planarization. Learn from the aspects of Oriental painting. Different colors represent different Festival climate and temperature, and the shape of animals also means people's prayer for life. Do not pursue the accuracy of form and structure. It seeks emotional truth. There are no complex lines but warm and unrestrained colors. The use of color makes the picture more pure and full of childlike fun. 

I hope to use the works to infect the audience and use the contents of the works to spread the spirit and culture. Give people spiritual strength and an optimistic attitude towards life.

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