“A Study On Factors That Influence The Perception Of Employees Towards Training Programs In Public-Sector Banks In Indore”

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Dr. Deepti Bajpai , Dr. Arpit R. Loya , Riya Baj


Human resource is the essence of development of the organization and the development largely lies with the quality of human resources. Quality of human resource depends on many factors and training is one of the most vital factors. Training is one of the most important investments because it enhances the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior of employees: the human resource. Employees become efficient after undergoing training. Efficient employees contribute immensely towards the growth of the organization. Growth provides stability to the manpower. Further, trained employees are retained longer by the organization.

The way employees perceive training can have a big effect on the efficiency and profitability of the company. The present study is undertaken to understand the factors that affect the perception of employees towards the training programs in public sector banks in Indore.

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