Motivation Of Students Of Non-Linguistic Specialties To Study The English Language And Its Grammar: Tashkent State Transport University (Uzbekistan)

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Saitova Iroda Shuxrat qizi , Ergeshova Diloram Kadirkhanovna , Rakhmonova Saodat Akmal qizi , Matyokubova Shukurjon Farkhodovna , Abdurashidova Nilufar Abdurashidovna , Djalilova Kamola Erkin qizi


As for the 21st century, we have more opportunities, different methods and new goals. The need to create effective learning opportunities for our students is our main concern. The purpose of the study is to identify the type and level of motivation for learning English and its grammar among students of non-linguistic specialties. The study involved 60 first-year students of the Tashkent State University Transport (Uzbekistan). Diagnostics was carried out using a survey developed on the basis of a questionnaire to assess the degree of motivation to learn English and the grammar of the language being studied. The research hypothesis of the article is to analyze the degree of students' motivation and their attitude to mastering the rules of the language being studied, as well as the use of authentic materials as an effective method of increasing students' motivation.

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