The Effect Of A Codified Training Curriculum For Developing The Explosive Power Of Handball Players

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Mohammed Husham Abdulameer , Bilal Abdulmunem Mutar


The aim of the research is to develop a codified training curriculum to develop the explosive power of young handball players by identify the impact of the codified training curriculum in developing explosive power in handball, the researchers used the experimental method, which is one of the most adequate means in reaching reliable knowledge. Research (32) young players (16-18 years). Where the sample was divided into two control and experimental groups by drawing the names in a random way and choosing one experimental and the other controlled by lottery, each group 16 players. The researchers reached the following results: The standardized training curriculum, through the results of the pre-tests, led to the development of the explosive power of the legs and arms. The various jumping exercises in the standardized training curriculum led to the development of the results of the post-tests of the vertical jump test from stability to the experimental group. The exercises of the medical balls used in a style in the training curriculum The standardized to a noticeable development in the strength of the muscles of the arms for the dimensional results of the test throwing a medical ball weighing 800 grams to the maximum distance for the experimental group.

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