Investors Behaviour Towards Stock Broking Service

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In an economy, in addition to its role as a source for financing investment, the stock market also serves as a mechanism for sending signals to stock brokers regarding investment decisions and as a catalyst for corporate governance. These functions are performed in addition to its role as a source for financing investment. Research on the level of satisfaction experienced by customers has received a lot of attention in the field of marketing. As a result of the liberalization of regulations governing the capital market, an increased number of brokers joined the market as well. Investors may get a variety of services under one roof from their brokers, and the services are tailored to meet their individual requirements. The primary objectives are to study various factors considered by the investors while selecting the stock brokers and to analyze the behaviourand satisfaction of the investors towards their stock broker services. It is a qualitative study conducted in Chennai city. The investors who are trading in the stock market are considered as sample respondents using purposive sampling technique. Total of 500 sample respondents were selected.  The primary data were collected using the Google forms during the month of March 2022.  It is concluded from the result that the clients are highly satisfied towards the services of their stock brokers regards to responsiveness, service reliability, ease of use, competence, accessibility, system reliability, timeliness and security system followed by the brokers.  The overall satisfaction of the investors are satisfied with the services of their brokers.

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