Business Analysis For New Product Novelty, New Product Meaningfulness, New Product Performance On Innovation Performance Of Thai Herbal Sector In Ranong Thailand

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Yananda Siraphatthada , Duangkamol Thitivesa , Duddaow Bunnag , Peerawee Teppratuangtip


The advancements in Business analytics and big data technology have provided extraordinary opportunities and benefits for many sectors to innovate their existing systems. In the past few years, few studies have explored the mechanism of innovation in which business analytics play a significant role. However, the main aim of this research study is to address some gaps in past studies. The main goal of the given study is to investigate the impact of using business analytics on the innovative performance of the Thai Herbal sector of Thailand. From a data processing perspective, a study model is recommended and experimentally validated with data gathering from a survey with the top Thai Herbal firms of Thailand. The proof from the survey of 422 participants completely supports the study model that mainly gives am an authentic point of view on the role of business analytics in enhancing innovation performance. The significant results and findings of the study indicate that the impact of business analytics on the innovational performance of the Thai Herbal sector of Thailand was significant. The results of the study also suggest that the mediating impact of new product novelty, meaningfulness and performance were also positive on the relationship between BA and innovation performance.

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