An Exploratory Study Of Jordanian Resource-Room Teachers’ Knowledge About Stuttering

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Raed Mahmoud Khodair , Ruba Fahmi Bataineh , Mohammed Ali Al- Khawaldeh , Mohammad Ali Muhaidat


The study examines the overall knowledge of stuttering of 106 Jordanian resource-room teachers, and whether or not their knowledge is affected by the variables of academic qualification and years of experience. To achieve the objectives of the study, the Alabama Stuttering Knowledge Test (ASK; Crowe & Cooper, 1977), which consists of 26 yes/no questions, was used to assess teacher knowledge about stuttering. The findings reveal that the extent of the participants’ knowledge about stuttering is low, and that there are statistically significant differences in the extent of the participants’ knowledge which can be attributed to academic qualification and years of experience, in favor of holders of graduate degrees and participants with over five years of experience. The findings have given rise to several recommendations and pedagogical implications.

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