The Role Of Product Lifecycle Cost Technology And Cleaner Production Strategy In Reducing Costs

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Hiba Mahmood Mohammed Saeed , Assistant prof .Dr. Miaad hameed ali


Reducing costs and protecting the environment surrounding economic unity has become the concern of many economic units and shifting their ideas towards preserving resources and protecting the environment by adopting strategies and techniques that take into account when applied reducing production costs and protecting the environment, including these strategies and techniques, the technical costs of the product life cycle and the strategy of cleaner production, as the application of the two concepts in local economic units helps to try to keep up with the countries that work to keep up with the success of their economic units by following the concepts that have been successful in  Developed countries by maintaining the sustainability of the resource and environmental balance by producing environmentally friendly products, therefore the study aimed to determine the costs of the product life cycle technology and help the economic unit to reduce these costs during its life cycle using the strategy of cleaner production and in order to help preserve the environment and reduce its pollution, and the researcher concluded that the use of technology costs the life cycle of the product provides important information for the purposes of correct pricing of products and for the purposes of cost management, because it includes a range of costs, namely direct costs, indirect costs, conditional costs, intangible costs and external costs, while the traditional method includes direct and indirect costs only, in addition to the fact that cleaner production is a strategy used by the economic unit for the purpose of preserving the environment of all forms of pollution that has negative effects on society, in addition to the optimal use of unit resources, which contributes to reducing costs and increasing profitability and recommended the researcher to focus economic units on the production of economic units on the production of  Environmentally friendly products as they contribute to the provision of resources and energy and do not harm the environment during use and thus increase the competitive advantage of the economic unit, in addition to the interest of the economic unit in the pre-production phase if it wishes to develop its products to suit the wishes of customers and compete with similar products in the market as this stage represents the most important stage of the life cycle of the product as it leads to a reduction in the costs of the next two stages.

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