Efficiency Of Educational Innovation To Enhance The Potential Of Thai Conversation For Foreign Students At Kasetsart University

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Kowit Pimpuang , Methawee Yuttapongtada


The educational innovation on Thai conversation means any newly created product for Thai conversational problems solution or help foreign students develop their Thai conversational skill. The objectives of this research were to explore the educational innovative book with QR Code and device entitled ‘Thai Conversation in Everyday Life’ produced by Kowit Pimpuang and its result to enhance the potential of Thai conversation for foreign students at Kasetsart University Thailand. The total population in this study consisted of 50 foreign students enrolled in the subject ‘Thai Conversation in Everyday Life.’ They were first year exchange students in the first semester academic year 2019 at Kasetsart University (KU) Thailand. There are only 5 foreign students who were selected by purposive sampling technique with certain goals and criteria. Research tools in this study were; 1) Thai word and short sentence speaking skill exercises 2) Thai word and sentence cards with short messages and 3) Helping media; QR Code and device for speaking and conversation. It was found that the causes of the problem were; 1) foreign students lacked of speaking skill, 2) foreign students had no skill on Thai words and sentences and 3) foreign students had different fundamental knowledge on Thai language. After they took the speaking test three times, they can pass it, which was equally 100%. Obviously, foreign students had the development on Thai speaking and conversation accorded with the standard.

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