Resilience, Optimism & Mindfulness: The Tripod Of Wellbeing For Chronically Ill Patients

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G.Saroj Sangeetha , Dr.G.Umadevi


Wellbeing is meant by how an individual is happier and healthier in all aspects like physical, mental, social and spiritual. Based on these aspects, a person’s wellbeing could be positive or negative .Resilience is ability to face, to cope and a major component against stress. Positive thinking, which is an element of optimism, enhances hope and confidence, where it is about future concerns, reduces anxiety. Mindfulness is a powerful strategy, to be non judgmental about situations and to live in the present, which protects a person’s wellbeing from being depressed.  The purpose of the study was to analyze whether Resilience, Optimism and Mindfulness support Positive Wellbeing. The study was conducted among chronically ill patients of Tamilnadu, who were managing with Diabetic Mellitus, aged between 40 to 60. The questionnaires of Resilience, Optimism, Mindfulness and wellbeing were used to find out the levels and correlations between wellbeing and other independent variables .Results indicated that higher levels of Resilience, Optimism and Mindfulness were associated with positive wellbeing, whereas lower levels were associated with negative well being.

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