Social Accounting For Sugarcane Industry: A Bibliometric Overview

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Ashish Kumar , Dr. Upendra Partap Singh , Shubham Kakran


In this modern era with a cyclic revolution as per need of period, it needs a new accounting dimension named social accounting. In the current decade, it is an emerging theme; although up to now, very few publications come from this field, it is crucial to know the present status of this area for the upcoming researcher. This article enriches the discipline and will explore the available past literature on Scopus data based on four main keywords, i.e., Social accounting, Economic aspect, Dimension of social accounting, Sugarcane industry, with the help VOS viewer software. This article reviews Social accounting based on the bibliometric parameters as the year of publication (MS Excel based), documents, organization, country, authors, and sources based on bibliographic coupling as the type of analysis based on which we may able to answer different questions based on above parameters. No individual literature review was found based on the above combination. This study focused on social accounting, economic aspects, dimensions of social accounting, and sugarcane industry. These slots are formed to refine the relative documents based on the main keywords of this study to explore the research gap and for analysis of available literature in the context of social accounting in the sugarcane industry. As a result, able to invent a slightly new concept of selecting documents for CSV files, based on selected keywords in past literature, there are five prominent journals as a journal of cleaner production on the top and five most productive authors found in which Bonomi A. is the most productive author as on the top position in terms of documents and citations. Five countries found with leading publication in several documents publication Brazil secured top position in terms of citation US origin author are on the top ranking under bibliographic coupling as the type of analysis. Five prominent authors, indexes, and total keywords are identified in the co-occurrence network. Network mapping of VOSviewer created a high level of linkage in the past literature with different nodes and their linkage. This study will create an understanding of social accounting and its Dimension and motivate new researchers or scholars for future research in this field based on the research gap.

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