Gender And Age - A Demographic Study For Purchase Preference Towards Handicraft At Tribal Chhattisgarh

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Pankaj Kumar Bahety , Dr. Souren Sarkar , Dr. Tanmoy De , Sunil Kushwaha , Dr. Bishwajeet Bhattacharjee


According to the 2011 census, tribal people make up 8.6% of India's overall population, or roughly 104 million people (68 million people according to the 1991 census). This is the world's greatest number of tribal people. The tribes of Bastar are known for their interesting and particular innate culture and legacy in everywhere throughout the world. Each innate gathering in Bastar has their own particular unmistakable culture and makes the most of their own remarkable conventional living styles. Every tribe has built up its own lingos and contrasts from each other in their ensemble, dietary patterns, traditions, customs and even adores diverse type of god and goddess. A handicraft, often known as distinctive handiwork or carefully assembled, is any of a variety of types of work in which costly and beautiful products are created entirely by hand or with very simple tools. It is a common basic division of speciality that covers a wide range of inventive and design activities associated with making things with one's hands and abilities, such as working with materials, pliable and inflexible materials, paper, plant filaments, and so on.

This paper expects to think about, how the demographic properties like age and sexual orientation impacts consumers inclination towards handicraft items and to know different traits, which largely affect buy of ancestral craftsmanship item. The study was undertaken at Bastar district and its scope is restricted to this region only. In this research structured questionnaire was utilized to gather information. The research was completely descriptive in nature. The information was assembled through a five point Likert scale from 300 respondents. Mean, Standard deviation, one way ANOVA and Regression investigation were completed to fill the need of study.

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