Qualitative and quantitative change of university masters and doctoral thesis in the fields of physical geography as a scientific, intellectual, geographical product for the departments of geography / University of Baghdad

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A. M. Dr. Majdah Jasim Husein, Alia Miri Qassem


The research aims to shed light on the natural geographical intellectual output of graduate students in the departments of geography / University of Baghdad, which can be measured and interpreted through the classification of theses and university theses according to the main fields of physical geography, and the research seeks to analyze and interpret the scientific paths of physical geography and form a clear picture about the output Geographical intellectual in physical geography, which contains major fields, which in turn included more accurate and detailed disciplines, so the research decided to delve into the midst of those delicate disciplines through the research sample, which amounted to (448 master and doctoral thesis) for the period (2021 A.D-1961 A.D). The research relied on the analytical method and used statistical methods, quantitative methods and the GIS program for mapping in order to reveal the size of that product and its qualitative and quantitative change during the period (1961-2021) to know the future scientific trends of the natural geographic branches in those geographical sections. The research reached scientific results, including that the product developed quantitatively and qualitatively during three-time stages gradually, and the climate field had the largest proportion in most of the stages, after which the field of land surface shapes, then the field of water resources, then the field of soil.

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