The Reality of Leadership Patterns among the Managers of Printed and Electronic Newspapers in Jordan from the Point of View of Employees

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Rasmi Mezher Ali Alkhaza’leh, Majed Numan AlKhudari, Abed Alhakim Isleem Salman Alqaraleh, Saddam Suleiman Salman Almashaqbeh


The study aimed to identify the reality of leadership patterns among the managers of Jordanian printed and electronic newspapers from the point of view of their employees. It also examined the differences in the employees’ responses in light of gender and academic qualification. To achieve these objectives, the descriptive survey method was followed by applying a questionnaire to the study sample (93), who were selected using the convenience sampling method. The results concluded that all leadership patterns (democratic, autocratic, correspondent) scored medium respectively. The results also showed no statistical differences between the responses of the study sample due to the variable of gender. In addition, there were statistical differences according to the variable of academic qualification for the degree of or less. In light of the current results, the study recommended holding training courses on the most effective leadership styles for managers and employees in press institutions to contribute to achieving job satisfaction for employees and thus raise productivity.

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