Acceptability of Technology for Banking transactions by People above 40 years of Age under Pandemic Constraints

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Dr. Shruti Nagar, Pradnya Mahajan


In this research paper the technology acceptance for banking transactions is with reference to use of mobile banking. An attempt has been made to understand the acceptability of mobile banking by the people who are above the age of 40 years in India. The study aims to know about the perception of people above 40 years of age towards mobile banking considering the factors suggested by Technology Acceptance Model Theory such as ease of use, usefulness and risk associated with technology enabled banking transactions.

The primary data has been collected through a self- administered questionnaire with close ended questions. The respondents were the people of 40 plus age group who started using mobile banking during pandemic constraints like pandemic, when technology emerged as the only option to carry out banking transactions.

The single cross sectional descriptive research design has been used for data analysis cross tabulation, Cronbach’s Alpha, Chi-square test and ANOVA and one way MANOVA have been used. It is found that though middle aged and elderly consumers of banking industry have accepted the technological advancement of banking transactions and started using mobile banking but the age has been emerged as strong factor when it comes to perceived usefulness, perceived ease and perceived risk associated with the mobile banking.

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