An Assessment of Iraqi EFL College Students’ Achievement in Vocabulary

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Islam Fadhil Abdulsahib, Taif Abdulhussein Dakhil, Haydar Jabr Koban


One of the most important aspects of studying English as a foreign language is vocabulary, mainly at a low level of communicating meanings. Though vocabulary is of high importance, EFL learners face great difficulties in acquiring it. One of the significant issues is that EFL students have no clue on how to learn vocabulary effectively. The othear issue is that instructional methods can be insufficient to such a degree that they can be due to their uselessness in encouraging learners to practice language, as they should be. Pedagogically, the study is expected to be useful for syllabus designers as it concentrates on a vital aspect of language, i.e. vocabulary. This study may also be of some significance to language examiners who assess learners’ vocabulary mastery in an appropriate context. Since context-free and context-dependent vocabulary is essential in EFL, the current research aims to evaluate the EFL College students’ ability to use context-free and context-dependent vocabulary.

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