The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Social Aspects of the Jordanian Family: A field Study based on Viewpoint of the Education Institution Members at Amman University College for Financial and Administrative Sciences

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Fatima Abdelhadi Zainelabidin


The study aims to find out the impact of the Corona pandemic on the social side of the Jordanian family from the education institution members’ point of view at Amman University College of AlBalqa Applied University. It depends on the descriptive approach to meet its purposes. The study sample consisted of (72) respondents from the education institution members in college, and the results indicated a high-level impact of the Corona pandemic on the social sides (value, relations, and knowledge) of the Jordanian family from the point of view of the education institution at Amman University College, they also showed that there were statistically significant differences at (0.05 ≤ α) among the levels of mentioned social sides because of the impact of the Corona pandemic, in addition, the differences were higher on the cognitive side. There were no statistically significant differences at the significance level (0.05) due to the variety of sex, but differences statistically significant at the level of the value side are due to the variable of age, in favor of the age group (50 years and over).

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