A study on customer satisfaction with service recovery procedure in service industry

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Dr. Ruhi Bakhare


This study has been undertaken in order to create a model and find out whether distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice leads to customer satisfaction and ultimately leads to customer engagement, customer trust and good Customer Loyalty. This study is conducted on the frontline employees of the service industry, since they are the people who are directly involved in the process of providing service to the customers and get direct feedback from the customers. The frontline employees are the one who handles the queries of the customers and try to provide them the solutions. Since the service industry is the fasted growing industry and the inseparable nature of the service from the provider makes this industry distinct from any other industry and it is much complex in nature. The results of this study may vary according to the sample size, nature of industry and economic conditions. The conclusions are drawn based on the responses given by the respondents and the analytical results.

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