The Relationship Blue Economy, Fishery Development Sustainable and Production Fishery

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Andrie Elia, Kusnida Indrajaya


The purpose of this paper is to examine blue economy that affects fishery production through sustainable fisheries development. The approach used this study was mix method, namely, quantitative and the sample were obtained from 150 respondents comprising Fishermen’s Cooperative at Banten Province in Indonesia. This structural equation modelling used to analyze the data via Smart PLS 3.0. Findings from this paper revealed that the blue economy contribute to increase sustainable fisheries development and fishery production. whereas, sustainable fisheries development factors, namely, institutional, socio-economy and community sustainable give contribute of fishery production, only ecological sustainable as exception. The practical implication appropriate blue economy and sustainable fisheries development can enhance fishery production at fishermen’s cooperative. This study extends the literature on blue economy context in emerging country. The originality of this paper examines qualitative and quantitative analysis (no previous study on this relation) and the study conducted on the Fishermen’s Cooperative in Indonesia.

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