Gamification in higher education - A study on Instructors’ and Students’ Perception in Gulf Region.

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Smitha Dev, Anand Dwivedi, Duha Lababidi, Nagam Hussein


Increased utilization of Gamification has been facilitated by the groundbreaking technological advancements in the recent years. This empirical study aimed to determine the instructors’ and students’ perception on gamification in the Gulf Region. The current study also explored the differences in perception on gamification based on age, gender, nationality ansd level of education. Mixed methods were chosen in this study, whereby researchers collected and analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data.  Stratified sample method was used to collect data from 800 students and 160 faculty from eight universities in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Descriptive statistical analysis was used to find the mean and standard deviation of each of the variable. Chi-square test and ANOVA were used to find out the mean difference between the groups. The research findings will be helpful for educators and policy makers design more effective teaching pedagogies and help identify training needs for faculty development to ensure more effective gaming strategy, as an effective strategy to enhance students’ attention in the classroom.

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