Special Education and the role of School, Family and Community in Educating Exceptional Child

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Banya Kasturi Dutta


Special Education is a branch of education which studies about individuals who have problems or special talents in thinking, seeing, speaking and socializing. Education of these individuals is based on the individual needs; they exhibit and hence are unique to each person. Special education exists for the purpose of providing educational experiences to students who have not or sometimes will not profit fully from regular classroom experiences. A special needs child may require alternative approaches to education that not only accommodate their conditions but also work toward creating ways for them to further their own capacity to learn and develop. Special Education helps children in understanding and accepting themselves with their deficiencies.  In education the exceptional children the school, family and community have a great role. Alone parent or the school can’t develop the child. They have to work hand in hand. This paper is mainly focused on education of the special children and the role of school, family and community in educating exceptional child.

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