PMJDY Banking Services Affect Customer Satisfaction: Study On Indian Banking Perspective

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Mr. Bharata Chandra Sahoo , Prof Vishal Sood


This study investigates the impact of the PMJDY Scheme on customer satisfaction in Odisha's private sector banking. There is growing concern about the impact of poor banking service on customer loyalty and satisfaction in developing countries. The research based on the responses of 219 PMJDY participants who had used baking services. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire with a five-point Likert scale four selective private sector banks. Study found that advanced banking services have a greater impact on customer satisfaction than basic services.  The study's originality lies in its distinction between the PMJDY scheme's "basic" and "advanced" banking services.  Research in the future may focus on a broader range of banking industry service dimensions, including the many recently implemented government schemes. related to or located in India.

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