Research Articles

Development and initial validation of the Subjective Academic Wellbeing Measure: A new tool of youth wellbeing in school

Gökmen Arslan, Murat Yıldırım, Silvia Majercakova Albertova
Abstract 544 | PDF Downloads 515 | DOI

Page 3-11

Exploring academic and character strengths in students with sex chromosome aneuploidies

Talia Thompson, Shanlee Davis, Stephanie Takamatsu, Susan Howell, Nicole Tartaglia
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 161 | DOI

Page 12-24

Implementation of a positive psychology curriculum in a high school setting: A mixed methods pilot study

Lauren Linford, Jeremy Bekker, John Ameen, Jared Warren
Abstract 347 | PDF Downloads 198 | DOI

Page 25-37