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Self-Esteem and Optimism as Predictors of Resilience among Selected Filipino Active Duty Military Personnel in Military Camps

Marc Eric Reyes, Steffi Gabrielle O. Dillague, Maria Izabelina A. Fuentes, Crisha Ann R. Malicsi, Denise Chillian F. Manalo, Jose Mari T. Melgarejo, Ryan Francis O. Cayubit
Abstract 1508 | Download PDF Downloads 798

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Resilience as Mediator between Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Depressive Symptoms in University Students

Siobhan McDonnell, Maria Semkovska
Abstract 1423 | Download PDF Downloads 1046

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The Role of Self- Compassion in College Students’ Perceived Social Support

Kelly Lavin, Marcie C. Goeke-Morey, Kathryn A. Degnan
Abstract 286 | Download PDF Downloads 343

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An Application of the Dual-Factor Model of Mental Health in Elementary School Children: Examining Academic Engagement and Social Outcomes

Nicholas David Smith, Shannon Suldo, Brittany Hearon, John Ferron
Abstract 363 | Download PDF Downloads 309

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Activities for Flourishing: An Evidence-Based Guide

Tyler J VanderWeele
Abstract 2498 | Download PDF Downloads 7217

Page 79-91