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Gratitude for Better or Worse: Differential Predictors and Affective Outcomes of State Gratitude in Positive and Negative Contexts

Adam P McGuire, Thane M Erickson, Christina M Quach, Brittany Willey
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Page 99-111

Types of Subjective Well-Being and Their Associations with Relationship Outcomes

Shannon Moore, Ed Diener
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Page 112-118

Development and Validation of the Japanese version of the Savoring Beliefs Inventory (SBI-J)

Atsushi Kawakubo, Fred B Bryant, Erika Miyakawa, Takashi Oguchi
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Page 119-136

Transitions to Older Adulthood: Exploring Midlife Women’s Narratives Regarding Purpose in Life

Han-Jung Ko, Karen Hooker, Margaret M Manoogian, Dan P McAdams
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Page 137-152

Self-Regulation Mechanisms Explain How Dispositional Mindfulness Promotes Well-Being

Christie Lundwall, Sara Fairborn, Laura Quinones-Camacho, Justin Estep, Elizabeth Davis
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Page 153-164

Hedonic and eudaimonic motives toward university studies: How they relate to each other and to well-being derived from school

Arthur Braaten, Veronika Huta, Lorrain Tyrany, Andrew Thompson
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Page 179-196

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