Linking Recent Discrimination-Related Experiences and Wellbeing via Social Cohesion and Resilience

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Estefania Florez
Keren Cohen
Nelli Ferenczi
Karina Linnell
Joda Lloyd
Lorna Goddard
Madoka Kumashiro
Jonathan Freeman


Discrimination, well–being, resilience, social cohesion, individual differences


The current study examined the relationship between recent experiences of discrimination and wellbeing and the mediating effects that social cohesion and resilience had on this relationship. Using online sampling, participants (N= 255) from a South London community rated the levels of discrimination related experiences in the past 6 months, alongside measures of social cohesion, resilience, and wellbeing (happiness and depressive symptoms). Results revealed a negative relationship between recent experiences of discrimination and wellbeing which was explained by a serial mediation relationship between social cohesion and resilience, and singly by resilience alone. The study highlights how recent experiences of discrimination can lead to a depletion of personal resources and social resources (which in turn also lead to reduced personal resources) and in turn, to lower levels of wellbeing.


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